Our Philosophy

Pete and Philip offer advice that is always honest, friendly and thoughtful.  When they began in this industry almost 17 years ago, they never suspected that providing honest advice would be such an unusual thing to do.  Alas, honesty seems to be in short supply in so many fields today that that their brand of straight-forward, head-on advice is indeed quite rare.

Pete and Philip are supported by one of the best client service associates in the business: Jessica Filiault.  Together the three of them are committed to not only helping their clients achieve all their financial goals but also developing deep relationships with each client (and their family) on a personal level.  They believe that relationships will be more productive when they’re built on a foundation of mutual respect and friendship. 

With a combined 60+ years of experience working for large brokerage firms and banks, Jessica, Pete and Philp are elated to have an independent practice affiliated with Commonwealth Financial Network, a private, independent RIA with a reputation for honesty and integrity.  They are now truly free to focus solely on their clients’ needs without any of the bureaucracy or pressure found at very large companies.

Finally, while Pete, Philip and Jessica can’t promise that every decision they make will be a home run, they can guarantee that they will be well-informed and thoughtful as they consider each client’s needs.  In this age of “robo-advisors” when so much investing advice seems to come from algorithms, they know it’s more important than ever to have an independent, experienced advisor because when volatility inevitably riles the markets and your portfolio is dropping, it’s crucial to have an experienced, trusted advisor to help you get through it.  

Our Team